Excited to be part of Pure Results Bootcamp

I am very excited to announce that I am now part of the Pure Results Bootcamp team. Pure Results, a new venture by Irish broadcaster Kathryn Thomas, is a results ­orientated diet and training experience which is designed to help you feel fitter, renew confidence and inspire long­-term lifestyle changes. 11046189_1558348564417351_2407341245055537262_n

Whether you’re big, small, fit or falling behind, Pure Results guarantees a slimmer you in just seven days. Our range of guests differs from brides to be preparing for their big day, new mums looking to lose the baby weight to fitness fanatics searching for a new challenge. All ages and fitness levels are catered to, if you’re not afraid of hard work, you’re welcome. The bootcamp is located in Inishbeg Island, in West Cork, Ireland. Find out more on www.pureresultsbootcamp.com 


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