Do’s and Don’ts of Weight Loss

Follow these simple do’s and don’ts of weight loss if you want to see results from your training regime…


Do – Eat more vegetables – eating more vegetables gives our bodies the vital nutrients for improved health. In addition, consuming more veg shows to fight many diseases thanks to its disease fighting nutrients.

Do – Drink more water – Water can help us lose weight by increasing satiety and boosting metabolic rate. Water also provides so many great health benefits. It raises our energy levels, removes toxins, increases physical performance, improves brain function, fights infections and aids in weight loss.


Do – Take good quality fish oils – Omega 3s play a vital role in the health of every cell in the body.  Benefits of Omega 3s include reducing heart disease and stroke and reducing symptoms of hypertension and depression.

Do- Prep your food – Preparation is key to controlling your nutrition and avoiding making wrong food choices. Prepare a healthy lunch and snacks before you leave for work or a long journey. It will help you from making bad food choices and decrease the temptation for quick fix snacks.


Don’t – Think carbs are the devil – Carbohydrates are a major macro nutrient and a source of energy for our bodies. Carbs play a huge part in fitness and performance – making better carbohydrate choices and timing of intake will hugely improve body composition and fuel our system for overall performance and health.

dos and donts weight loss

Don’t – Try low calorie diets – They are unsustainable, cause stress and weight loss usually stalls after a small period of time -not to mention you feel like every ounce of energy has left your body. Instead, go into a small calorie deficit (this means drop calories by 200-300cals of your BMR and current activity level) for more sustainable weight loss.

Don’t – Go on a diet – rather than saying you’re starting a diet just simply eat healthier and keep it consistent. Diets have been proven to show no long lasting positive effects. When adopting a new nutrition plan be sure its sustainable, fits your lifestyle and can meet your goals.

If you need advice on your exercise programme or need some direction with your food plan then contact me today. I operate in Dublin and Wexford and offer training in De La Salle Gym, Churchtown, or in your own home with my business On Call PT.

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