5 Tips to a Slimmer Waistline

1. Eat more protein: Not only does protein help our muscles grow and repair, but research has shown that whey protein has a more rapid effect on hormones that affect appetite, and therefore may help increase satiety after a meal.

2. Resistance weight training: Resistance training has a number of health benefits which include increasing bone and muscle strength, preventing age-related decline in muscle mass, improving metabolism, reducing cholesterol and blood pressure and improving heart function.

tips to a slimmer waistline

3. Be in a calorie deficit: Being in a calorie deficit will mean your body will be expending more calories than its taking in, which will lead to weight loss.

4. Move more: just like the above point, increasing activity will help with increasing energy expenditure and improving overall body composition.

5. Sleep better: Sleep plays an important role in your physical health. In terms of weight loss, sleep deprivation causes weight gain. Losing out on sleep creates a vicious cycle in your body, making you more prone to various factors contributing to weight gain.

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