Top tips for gym beginners

If you have just joined a gym or have started exercising at home, then well done on taking the first step to a healthier and longer life. Starting a new fitness regime can be very daunting for people who never done any form of exercise. Here are my top tips for gym beginners to help you begin your journey…

Hire a trainer

This is key for any beginner starting in the gym, hire an experienced trainer who can educate you and teach you proper lifting technique and fitness principles. That way, when you train on your own you will be training in an effective manner and your efforts are being rewarded.



The main ingredient needed to a successful fitness plan. Many of us become impatient when it comes to exercise. We tend not to give ourselves enough time to reap the rewards of a solid fitness programme.  With many gym goers I notice that they start with great expectations and enthusiasm and run before they can walk, training every day for a week then burning themselves out.

By the following week the passion and drive is lost. Start out with a realistic workout plan, a good starting point would be 2-4 training sessions per week. Stay consistent for a long period of time and I guarantee you will see body composition changes.

Eat more protein

Nowadays most of our diets revolve around high carbohydrates intake and saturated fats. Consuming high amounts of these with little or no physical activity we become a fat storing factory – it’s no wonder that Ireland and most of the world are struggling with obesity.

Protein affects an individual’s ability to manage their weight by increasing levels of satiety and maintaining lean body mass. The term satiety is the feeling of fullness or lack of interest to eat more following a meal. If we increase our protein intake, not only will it help with other benefits such as muscle growth, recovery, repair, but also it will keep our hunger and cravings at bay.


Eat smart

Eat to your activity. When I say this I mean think about what you’re eating and then think about what you’re going to be doing for the next 1-3 hours. Example – If you’re thinking of a high carbohydrate lunch and then following this will be sitting at your work desk for the afternoon then maybe this isn’t the right choice, as only so much of carbohydrates (which breakdown to glucose) can be stored in our liver and muscles. If we are stationary the remainder or glucose isn’t being used for energy expenditure, so in this case our body will then store this as body fat.

Hit the weights

Men and Women! Resistant weights are based on the principle that our muscles will work to overcome resistance force. Weight training not only improves our strength but has a huge part to play in improving body composition. Other benefits include improved bone and joint function, bone density, muscle and ligament strength. Weight training is also very versatile and progressive so is a must in any good fitness program.

If you need advice on your exercise programme or need some direction with your food plan then contact me today. I operate in Dublin and Wexford and offer training in De La Salle Gym, Churchtown, or in your own home with my business On Call PT



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